Best Double Din Car Stereo Reviews

Dumping your factory-installed car stereo and replace it with a decent aftermarket head unit is probably one of the easiest and most affordable way to upgrade your car audio system. Forget decent. The best double din car stereo in the market is still very much affordable. You don’t have to save up months in advance or call the bank to increase your credit card limit.

The question now is, “which stereo you should get among the plethora of different stereos in the market?” Each one of those is packed with various features that you may or may not need ever.

To make things easier for you, just have a look at the top rated double din car stereo reviews below.It’s not much but these are ones that people love for a number of good reasons.

Kenwood DPX502BT Double-Din CD Receiver with USB Interface & Bluetooth

The first thing you need to do when you get this stereo is to install it, right? You’ll be happy to know that it’s a very simple process with the proper kit. If you know how to put together and IKEA furniture, or at least understand the basics of clumping up LEGO bricks together, you can install this stereo single-handedly.

Once you have it installed, turn it on and you’ll be blown away (figuratively, of course) with how good it sounds. Kenwood is well-known for the quality of its car audio products, and this one is not an exception.

The DPX502BT puts out 50 Watts on each of its 4 channels. It can produce clear and crisp sound with good highs and lows. Plug in a thumbdrive with your music collections in it, and the receiver can play them effortlessly with its wide support of MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, and FLAC audio file formats.

But all my music is in MP3. I don’t have fancy WMA, AAC, WAV, or any of that FLAC stuff

Relax, Kenwood sound reconstruction is pretty good at restoring the musical depth even from compressed music files such as MP3. They will come out excellent like you’ve never heard them before.

Be advised that the amount of time to read the content of the thumbdrive depends on the capacity. The bigger the capacity, the longer it’s going to take. Some users said it took a whole five minutes to read a 128GB thumbdrive.

Can I plug my iPod?
Yes, this unit also has analog AUX input jack so you can plug in your iPod (touch, classic, nano) or MP3 player and play your collection directly. If you still fond of CDs, you can also use them.

What about satellite radio?
The Kenwood DPX502BT is Sirius XM ready. You still need a Sirius adapter to start using Sirius. Do note that subscriptions are sold separately. Some people understandably made the wrong assumption that a Sirius-ready or XM-ready stereo will have everything required to play satellite radio out of the box.

kenwood-dpx520bt-double-din-interface-side-viewPlaying with the DPX502BT is easy. The knob is big, and each of the buttons has its own function. It’s much easier to use than menu buttons where you have to dig deep just to change a setting. Some people complain that the menu is not intuitive, but seriously, you have a manual for that.

The next best thing about this double din stereo is the Bluetooth. Pairing and syncing with your iPhone or Androids is a straightforward process. You can then use Pandora and iHeartRadio to play your favorite stations.

Is it really that good?
Yup. Making and receiving a calls is so simple, and the sound quality is top notch. You can hear the other party very well and vice versa. The built-in microphone eliminates background noises incredibly well. The other end can’t hardly guess that you’re using your radio phone.

You can connect up to two devices at once. The stereo detects the devices immediately when turned on.

kenwood-dpx520bt-double-din-interface-remoteHaving a remote to go along with the stereo is obviously a good news especially for the back seat passengers.

Oh, we did mention that you don’t need to break your piggy bank just to get your hands on the DPX502BT, didn’t we? This double din head unit is so affordable whether or not you buy it during a sale.

Is that all?
Of course not. Other than ease of use, ample audio inputs, excellent Bluetooth, and the sheer affordability, there’s one more thing that makes people love this head unit; It changes colors. The backlight is customizable to one of the 24 preset colors. You can also set your own color to your liking using custom RGB. How cool is that?

Ok, now it’s time to talk about the not-so-good things about this stereo.

First is the glare. If your dashboard is slanted upward by much, you’re going to get glare and it will be hard to see anything on the screen. The backlight doesn’t help much in this situation. You need to block the sun with your hand to read the display. We highly don’t recommend you do that while you’re driving.

* Easy to install
* Excellent sound quality
* Fairly easy to use
* Play CDs, has USB and AUX, Sirius XM ready, Pandora, and iHeartRadio
* Bluetooth that works
* Very affordable
* Customizable backlight

* Backlight not too bright
* USB read is slow for large drives
* Menus could use some work

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Pioneer AVH-X2800BS In-Dash DVD Receiver with 6.2″ Display

Pioneer AVH-X2800BS ReviewIf you are fond with a double din head unit with large LCD screen you’re going to love this one. The PIoneer AVH X2800BS is a capable car stereo that goes well with any car whether they’re family fan or a truck.

Tell me more about the screen
Well, it’s a touchscreen. More specifically, it’s a 6.2-inch WVGA touchscreen with LED baklight. The responsiveness and clarity certainly not up to par with the one on your phone, but it gets the job done. The menus are intuitive and easy to play with. It doesn’t feel like you’re trying to solve a puzzle of some sort.

The screen is bright and anything displayed on it is easy to see. That’s good because those DVDs you play are going to look good on it. On long trips with the kids, that kind of help. Yes, we all know kids can watch movies using their tables and fancy smartphones, but still, if their favorite movie is in the DVDs, the long ride will feel much more bearable for everyone.

Another great thing about having a receiver with huge LCD screen is you can use it with a back-up camera. Wiring is simple since this unit already has a dedicated Cam-in. The video feeed will show up automatically when you put the car on reverse.

Just like your phone screen, the LCD here will also gather fingerprints if you use it much. Just wipe it occasionally if you like to keep it clear and clean.
Pioneer AVH-X2800BS No Satnav
Does it have a sat nav?
Nope. Nothing. Nada.
Seriously though, with Google Maps and Waze, you don’t even need sat nav these days. Waze has voice commands and guidance, so you really don’t miss anything with the lack of satnav on this unit.

Will it fit on my dash? Will it look good on my dash?
Yes, it will most likely fit there quite well using the right dash kit. Installation is straightforward. Even if you’ve never changed a car stereo before, it will take less than an hour of your time.

As far as looks go, the Pioneer AVH-X2800BS will look smashing. The themes and backlight are adjustable to match whatever kind of dash it’s planted in.

Pioneer AVH-X2800BS Sound QualityWhat about the sound quality?
It’s good. Very good. Even when you don’t upgrade those stock speakers of yours, the sound coming from them will be excellent with almost no distortion. This unit can produce clean sound and packs enough punch to power the stock speakers on your vehicle. It’s like the stereo breathe them a new life. And when you finally got the time to upgrade those speakers or add new ones, the AVH-X2800BS has all the hookups ready.

The sound options and equalizer allow you to tweak various aspects so that the music coming out of the unit will be just the way you like it. The equalizer is spot on and the amount of customization you can do on the cutoff filter is way better than its competitors.

Oh, the unit also picks up where you left off when you connect your iPod. Neat.

Pioneer AVH X2800BS RemoteThis one got a remote, right?

Yes. Just like the like the Kenwood DPX502BT the Pioneer AVH X2800BS also has a remote. Great news for back seat passengers who want to change the stations or play their music of choice.

So it’s a solid choice, then?
Definitely. You can play your music whether they’re saved on your thumbdrive or phone. Spotify and Pandora works properly for every task you ask it to do. Answering a call or making one, the sound will come out clear without fuzz on both ends.

The build quality of this stereo is top-notch too just like you can expect out of a Pioneer car stereo. Nothing feels flimsy and out of place.

But what are its drawbacks?
It’s major drawback is probably the lag. Sometimes the song information displayed doesn’t keep up fast enough with the song that’s actually being played. Searching for songs in subdirectories of a thumbdrive is slow too. We recommend you leave the task to your passenger when you’re driving or just pull over somewhere safe instead of constantly switching your attention between the road and the stereo all the time. That’s just plain dangerous.

* Easy to install
* Integrates well with a backup camera
* Excellent sound quality
* Great build quality
* Customizable look
* Plays DVDs

* Resistive touchscreen
* Doesn’t always show the correct song information.

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