Best Roller Cabinet For Tools Review

If you have plenty of tools in the garage or shop, you’re going to need a good cabinet to keep them neatly in one place. That way, everything will be in one place when you need them. Less head scratching trying to find the tools you need.

A tool box can be stationary or portable. A rolling tool cabinet is a bit of both. It will spend most of its time sitting in the corner, but when you need to get it somewhere moving those tools to where you need them is a lot easier than lugging an ordinary tool box. More so when you have tons of tools and equipment to do your work.

If you’re in the market for a good quality tool cabinet, check out the review below.

Excel TB2050BBSB Red 27-Inch Steel Roller Cabinet

Excel 27-inch Rolling Tool Cabinet
The Excel TB2050BBSB has seven slide drawers with ball bearing that make them slide smoothly in and out. The biggest drawer on the bottom uses double railings to ensure smooth motion even when load it with heavy tools.

Its thick steel is a noteworthy aspect that’s severely lacking in many tool cabinets you’ll find these days. Manufacturers seem to be in a weird race of who can make a cabinet with the thinnest steel ever.

The amount of space this rolling tool chest has is astounding. It’s only 27-inches in width, but it has ample amount of storage space for sets of screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, drills and bits, saws, pliers, tape measure, knives, power tools, vise grips, WD-40, duct tapes, and a plethora of other tools. Since there’s no assembly required, you can use it immediately. With the sturdy side handles you can confidently pull or push the cabinet.
Excel Drawer Roller Tool Cabinet - Large Casters
This cabinet has large casters. They’re just plastic, though. It will be nice if Excel use rubber casters for extra durability. If you’re planning to move this thing around much, you may want to get better wheels to go with it. You can also remove the wheels if you feel this box is best suited as a stationary toolbox.

It measures 30 x 34 x 21-inches, portable enough for your to take it anywhere including the elevators. The powder coat finish is durable, protecting the paint from frequent bumping with tools. Yes, it’s pricy, but it gives you a great bang for your buck. It has excellent cost to durability ratio. Suffice to say, this tool box will last quite a while.

Excel Drawer Roller Tool Cabinet - Top Lock
Using the lock on the top, you can lock shut all the drawers, keeping your tools safe from prying children.

But why does it cost so much?
Thick and high-quality steel cost a lot of money. The hardware doesn’t come cheap either. You can always get something that costs $100, but don’t be surprised when the drawers don’t align, the bearings croak after two uses, and the wheels just give away almost immediately. The old “you get what you paid for” adage holds true.

* Made of heavy-duty gauge steel
* Powder coated
* The drawers fit and slide perfectly
* Has a lock
* Easy to move around including using an elevator

* Casters don’t seem too good

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Okay, that’s all for now. Any one of those three will make a great choice to store your ever growing number of tools.

Why Should I Get A Rolling Tool Chest?

Keeping your home shop or garage organized is not only a good habit. It’s also an essential safety measure. When you leave your tools laying around everywhere, you’re asking for accidents. When that accidents involve heavy or sharp metal objects, you can be sure the medical bills aren’t going to come cheap.

Remember to get a tool box liner cushioned liner. It keeps tools from sliding around while providing cushion that prevents scratching. It doesn’t cost much, but it’s proven to be valuable in keeping both the box and the tools in good shape longer. The line provides a protective cushion for tools, so if you’re not so gentle with them, the tools and the drawer won’t get damaged too easily.

Tool Storage Strategy

Keeping your garage organized and neat in a tool cabinet is just one of the many ways of good tool storage strategy. Another strategy is to hang your tools and equipment on the wall like the one depicted below.

Tool Storage Strategy
Image : The Valley Woodworker

The downside of this solution is you may need to keep going back and forth to get what you need while fixing your car in the driveway. Using a roller cabinet, you can just get everything you need to the driveway.

But keeping all your tools in the cabinet present another problem. If you have hundreds of tools, you need to keep which tools go in which drawers. This is why you should label each drawer with a list of its content. Therefore you won’t need to rummage each and every drawers to get the screwdriver you need.

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