Best Wet/Dry Vac For Car

Just came back from the beach and the interior of your car looks like a sandy mess? Cleaning all that up is quite a hassle, isn’t it? In fact, cleaning up car interior is such a chore many car owners prefer to procrastinate to do it later. Of course, we all know later can mean in a day, a year, or never at all.

If you have a good tool to help you out, you won’t need to procrastinate. And the number one tool that can help you cleaning up that car cabin is a wet/dry vacuum cleaner.

Now, if you’re in the market for the best wet/dry vac for car, you’re in for a treat. We have reviewed the top rated ones right here. Read on to find out more.

Armor All 2.5 Gallon, 2 Peak HP, Utility Wet/Dry Vacuum

* Strong suction
Dirt and sand on the car carpet is no problem at all with this vac. Same thing with spilled drink and food. The only exception is when the filter is dirty. Clean it up and it will have its suction power back. If you’ve been using a cordless vac all this time, you’ll notice the big difference. The 2 HP peak power may not seem much but you’ll see that getting the job done takes so little time when you use it.This is also the reason why this vac is considered one of the best wer/dry vacuum cleaner fir car detailing. Many people trust it enough for their detailing business.
Clean crevices with ease
* Small enough
Granted, it’s not as small or portable as a cordless vac, but it’s small and lightweight enough for you to easily get it to or from the driveway. Being lightweight also means moving it around won’t take a toll on your arm or back. Wih it’s small footprint, it won’t take much valuable space in the garage when not in use.
Portable and easy to use vac for cleaning car interior
* Not too loud
A good vac shouldn’t be too loud. Everybody knows that. Luckily, this Armor All vac fit that requirement pretty well. You can compare it with many other vacs with the same power. You’ll notice the just how less noisy this thing is.

* Large dirt compartment.
Nobody likes to stop every now and then to empty the dirt compartment while cleaning up. This 2.5 Gallon vac has a large dirt compartment so you can clean the entirety of your car interior before you need to empty it.
Long hose to clean hard to reach places
* Plenty of attachments
It comes with the all the attachment you’ll need to do any kind of cleaning. This coupled with the 6-ft long hose makes the vac versatile and able to get into any crevices and hard-to-reach places. Not only it’s great for cleaning car interior, but it also works well for stairs, beds, shop, garage, windows, and fireplace. The fact that the attachments are neatly placed on top of the vacuum itself is another proof that Armor All has put plenty of time designing this machine.
A good car vac has plenty of ttachments
* Really affordable
No need to spend a hundred bucks just to get the best vac to clean your car interior. Get this one and use the saving to get extra attachments should the need arise in the future.
Attachment storage
* Long power cord
A 10-ft long power cord eliminates the need of extension cord most of the time. Armor All even put the effort of equipping the cord with velcro straps so you can easily wrap the cord up and keep it out of the way when not in use.
Best wet/dry vac for car
* Works as a blower too
When you need to blow dust out instead of sucking them in, guess what? This vac can do it too. Just attach the tool on the appropriate side and start blowing the dust off. And since it’s blowing cool air it’s safe to use on any surface. No need to worry about warping or deforming anything

* Easy to clean
Nobody likes a vac that so hard to clean it’s easier to dump it in the trash can and get a new one. Not the case with this beauty. It’s such breeze to empty the canister after every use.

* Dependable
Some say the looks isn’t convincing enough. That it looks like cheapo machine that’ll break after a week. Nothing can be farther from the truth. This is a machine that will serve You well for years to come.

* Small tube
Need to clean up large chunks of dirt or cookie crumbs? Sorry, no can do. They will clog the small tube and make the vac useless. It’s better to throw away large crumbs and dirt by hand before starting to use the vac.

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