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Mercedes-Benz GLC63 VS Porsche Macan Turbo

Its full name is Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 4MATIC+, but let’s call it GLC 63 for short. Many car enthusiasts feel the GLC 63 will beat Macan Turbo to pulp. Is that true? Let’s dig in to find out. How impressive is it? Very. Let’s touch the look first. That Panamericana grill is something to behold.

What’s Wrong With Takata Airbags

On November 2016, a child died in a minor car accident. Huma Hanif should’ve been able to get out of the accident scratch-free. Sadly, the Takata airbag inflator installed inside the 2002 Honda Civic steering wheel exploded. This explosion shot shrapnel at her from close range, cut her neck, and bleed her to death. That

Nissan LEAF – The Electric Car That Matters

Nissan says that the LEAF is 100% electric & 100% fun. Let’ see if that’s really the case. The Look This is what divide people’s opinion so much. LEAF owners say they are okay with how the LEAF looks, but a lot of people consider it to be weird-looking. So it’s either you like it