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Car Amplifier Basics

In short, a car amplifier’s job is to boost the power and volume of your car audio system. Generally, the head units you find in various cars already have built-in amplifiers. They’re not great, but good enough for day-to-day music listening on the road. If you’re interested in adding an amp to your car audio

Best Double Din Car Stereo Reviews

Dumping your factory-installed car stereo and replace it with a decent aftermarket head unit is probably one of the easiest and most affordable way to upgrade your car audio system. Forget decent. The best double din car stereo in the market is still very much affordable. You don’t have to save up months in advance

Car Stereo Basics

A car without a stereo is like a big piece of boring metal carriage. Seriously, who would buy a car without a stereo? Not me that’s for sure. Double Din VS Single Din Single din car stereo is a dying breed. You rarely see onethese days. Now it’s either double din or touchscreen stereos. Manufacturers